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A Great Resource for the Beginning Tatter

By Twistie

Have you been thinking about taking up tatting? Rebuilding rusted skills? Teaching someone to play with a shuttle or two? Then hie thee over to Angel Babies. Yes, I know, the name doesn’t say anything about tatting, but that’s what the site is all about.

From basic instructions to individual projects to slightly more advanced instructions to books of patterns, you’ll find everything you need to get you started, restarted, or ready to pass on the gentle art of tatting to a novice. Everything – including the books – is aimed at the beginner.

For my part, I’ve never attempted the art, but I have to say those dragonflies are tempting me to try something new!

2 Responses to “A Great Resource for the Beginning Tatter”

  1. Sarah R Says:

    I’ve tried several times to tat. It is frustratingly difficult for this knitter- but I keep trying. My great-grandmother and grandmother were both tatters, and it does fascinate me, too! I’ll check out the website and give it another go.

  2. Twistie Says:

    I’m thinking I may just have to finally give it a go this year. After all those years of doing bobbin lace demos and being informed by visitor after visitor that I was tatting… I kind of shied away from it for a while. But it’s pretty, portable, and doesn’t require as much empty flat surface as bobbin lace.

    I have heard over and over again from tatters and the people who love them that tatting is one of the more difficult crafts to pick up, but one of the simplest to do once the penny drops.

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