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An Important Crafts PSA

By Twistie

We all know there are evil people out there in the cold, cold world. Most of us have met at least one of them, and many of us have been duped, mistreated, etc. by more than one.

Most of us, however, assume that we won’t find them in the crafting community. Not here!

But the principal of caveat emptor is an important one with us, too. If you doubt me, please head over to Regretsy and read this takedown of several Etsy ‘crafters’ who have simply taken someone else’s work and listed it as their own, often using the exact same text as the originator’s. Yeah, stealing pictures and descriptions, and then charging more.

Seriously, folks, this is something we all need to be aware is going on. After all, we want to support original artists and get our money’s worth, not simply give our hard-earned cash to fakers who more than likely will never send us the products we ordered. After all, actually buying the pieces and mailing them out would cut into those precious profits!

Keep a weather eye open and don’t get duped.

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