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Beautiful Handcrafted Things

By Twistie

Sometimes it’s fun to just wander around and see what cool things there are out in the wide world. This fabulous Chinese dragon isn’t even the most spectacular piece of origami on the aptly named page ‘Origami that Will Blow Your Mind.’

There are some other really cool things I found around the internet, too. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

I’m finding this charming mosaic of fishing at night oddly relaxing.  And on the same site, you can find quite a few more attractive, fun mosaics… as well as instructions for making your own  mosaic table top of broken crockery.

Of course with all the knitters and crocheters reading this blog, I’d be remiss to ignore a great gallery of knitted and crocheted pieces like this one! Mmm… sushi. I’m getting hungry.

And speaking of faux food crafts, how about these adorable needle felted Peeps? I think I like these a lot more than the marshmallow ones. They may not be as amusing in the microwave, but then again, I always hated the waste of food and I always hated marshmallows, too, so these are less wasteful.

There are scads of great inspirations and fun instructions around the web, so get your Google fu on and seek them out! It’s fun!

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