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But What About Those Ribs?

By Twistie


Oh. Sorry. I forgot for a moment that this denizen of the ‘Pop Tab Forest’ (forsooth!) isn’t scary.

No, really, his creator assures us he isn’t:

He’s not really scary. He’s been to the dentist and has been fitted with braces!

Yeah, right. Pull the other one. It’s got bells on.

I notice there are no explanations given for the exposed ribs, though. Are they for her pleasure? Or are they just a rather disturbing piece of evidence that this monkey is created out of pop tabs from soda cans?

Anyway, if you find it less disturbing than I do, you can go to Etsy and buy the pattern for just $3.99. Oh, and you can you can totally make your money back. No, really, she says so:

Any item you make from one of my pattern you may sell!

You cannot sell or give the pattern away!

I have to say I’m not so certain you could sell the finished monkeys… but then I do own a collection of Ed Wood movies, so I really don’t have much wiggle room to talk, do I?

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