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Can’t Sleep… Clown Will Eat Me

By Twistie

There’s nothing like a warm, snuggly quilt to make you feel cosy at night. And a hand-made one warms you with the love stitched into it, too, right?

Well, sometimes no matter how much love went in, it’s still the stuff of nightmares.

Poor Thomas the Tank Engine! He’s got the dreaded green chicken pox! Who could get a good nights’ sleep under that?

You can goggle at Thomas the Pox-Ridden Tank Engine and a couple dozen other cautionary tales in quilting at About.Com Quilting in the Pictures of Ugly Quilts Gallery.

While some of the quilts merely represent a little wonky construction work or a slightly off color choice, there are others that might well induce seizures, like this one:


Each monstrous example has been lovingly (or not so) entered and described by its creator.

There’s a comments section where you can send love, pity, or suggestions for how to make prettier quilts to the creators of these deathless bed covers. So if you have any good advice for these quilters, go thou and tell it on that mountain!

Or, you know, just gawk at the scary.

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