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Inspiration Gallery: Steampunk

Friday, November 11th, 2011
By Twistie

Steampunk is one of those styles that just seems born to inspire crafters. After all, a  big part of the aesthetic is interesting juxtapositions of materials. Gears, rivets, leather, and Victoriana  meld into a fun and funky style that often includes goggles. Who couldn’t love something that calls for goggles not as protective safety gear, but as an artistic statement? Okay, I know somebody out there can’t, but I have something of a fondness, and I know I’m far from alone.

So let’s take a look at what can be done with a few basic crafting tools and materials, a bit of imagination, and another reading of Jules Verne’s novels.

I love this clockwork dragon. It’s made of polymer clay festooned with steampunk gears and such. Just look at how the tail looks like articulated copper! Whether you’re looking for instructions for a craft project, materials to bring your own vision to life, or to purchase a finished product to wear on your Mad Victorian Scientist outfit, CF Originals is a great place to go. That’s where I found this adorable guy. Oh, and if you have an idea you don’t feel up to making yourself, she does commissions, too.  I’m just saying.


Musical Mollusk

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
By Twistie

Have you ever wanted to play a snail? How about a ukulele? How about… a snail ukulele?

Yeah, that’s probably not something you’d thought about too hard. I know I hadn’t until I happened across this snail-themed acoustic electric tenor/baritone ukulele by celentanowoodworks. Oddly enough, I’d never imagined such a beast. Now I can’t get it out of my head.

Not a snail fan? Not to worry! They also make apples, panda bears, and even PacMan. And if the uke isn’t your instrument, they do guitars, banjos, violins, and mandolins, too.

So how do they play? I must admit, I didn’t know. I haven’t held one in my hands, I haven’t known anyone who had played one, and I was hesitant to recommend an eight hundred dollar uke without hearing it. That’s why I did what any rational person would do and went to YouTube, where I found footage of the cupcake ukulele being played. Oh, and there are ten more vids of these instruments being played. I would say they sound pretty nice, judging by what came through my computer speakers.

Got a crazy idea for a stringed instrument? Talk to celentanowoodworks. They do custom work, and I don’t think you could imagine something that would phase them!

Hmmm… maybe they could make me a raspberry tart banjo. Then I would only have to learn to play it.


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