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Cthulu or Ood, You Decide

By Twistie

So I went wandering over to What Not to Crochet today, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but this:

But what precisely does it represent?

My first thought was Cthulu,

… but the comments mentioned the possibility that it might be an Oud.

Whoops! Not that kind of oud. This kind of Ood:

That would be the fellow on the right, for anyone still experiencing confusion.

The tentacles are definitely the right length and curliness for a Ood, but the green color and lack of translation ball doohickey (yes, that is a technical term, please do keep up) convince me the original artist meant that ski helmet to be Cthulu.

Still, I’m more than happy to open up the question to my readers. Is it Cthulu, or is it an Ood? What say you all?

2 Responses to “Cthulu or Ood, You Decide”

  1. Cassie Says:

    My first thought was “huh. Cthulu hood.”

    My second was “Man, I’ve got to start making that Cthulu scarf I thought up a year ago.”

    So . . . yeah. Green + tentacular madness = Cthulu in my book, any day. And Cthulu is hard to type.

  2. ZaftigWendy Says:

    It’s Cthulu. It looks too evil to be an Ood. Ood have far apart, round, trusting, sweet eyes. And translation ball thingies.

    Cthulu has ALL TEH EBILZ EVAR!!! (also it looks like R*d H**rt S*per S*aver, which is the yarn embodiment of evil)

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