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Dear Bitsy: Want!

By Twistie

Okay, I admit it: I have a thing for cute, soft, stuffed critters. The more bizarre they are, the better I like ‘em. At two when I was taken to choose my own teddy bear, I wouldn’t look at the bears… but I wouldn’t leave the store without the Steiff badger. Yes, I still have Diggy. And then there’s that Beanie Baby sloth. No, I did not buy during the Beanie Baby supercraze. I picked it up for a song a few years later at a garage sale. What? I may be obsessive, but I’m not crazy.

So imagine my delight when I happened across this adorable crocheted Jackalope! I started checking out the rest of Dear Bitsy’s Etsy store, and fell in love with a like mind. You know, one that’s all about the fine line between adorable and psychotic.

I mean, how can I not be in utter love with a person who makes and sells crocheted bumblebees? And then turns around and makes and sells a bunny committing suicide?

Be warned, Mr. Twistie, if we ever strike it rich, this is the sort of thing that will fill our abode to the proverbial gills. In return, I promise to be super supportive of your quest for a perfect recreation of George Harrison’s Sgt. Pepper uniform.

After all, I think you’d look spiffy in a tricorn.

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