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Dinnerware or Diet Aid?

By Twistie

When I was a wee sprout of nine summers, I visited the White House. Yes, I took the tour with my family, and was duly impressed. We did not see the president, who, at that time, was Richard Nixon, for those keeping track.

I saw a lot of interesting and important things that summer afternoon, but the one that really stuck with me was the exhibit of Presidential China. In particular, the ambitious and wildly hideous dinnerware designed especially for Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife Lucy, who then didn’t even allow guests alcoholic spirits to help them deal with scenes like this on the dinner table:

Note that the fish on that platter is captured in a net and bleeding profusely.

That wasn’t even the worst piece. There was also a caribou in a snowstorm being taken down by a pack of wolves that still haunts my nightmares. Nixon to Obama, and I’m still shuddering.

I honestly thought I would never find another plate so utterly unappetizing again… until I saw this:

I know it’s not easy to see in this size, but there is a detail shot on the site. I just didn’t think you all needed quite that graphic a vision of a snake devouring a baby bird while a second baby bird begs for dinner.

Etsy artist hdmann has named his series “Dinnertime” but is unsure whether the pieces are food safe.

I cannot speak to food safety, but these are definitely not appetite safe.

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