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For Those Who Want to Participate in the Crafty Manolo Yarnbombing Event

By Twistie

illustration via Baltimore DIY Squad

So. You’d like to go yarnbombing with Crafty Manolo, you say? But you aren’t sure what kind of bookmarks to make? You don’t have a pattern to work from?

Don’t Panic. I’ve taken a gander around the web and found a few good patterns in a variety of different techniques to get you started. Let’s take a look at a couple:

These cute felt mittens are attached to clips, and are easy enough for a kid to do. Just imagine how many of these you could put together in an evening in front of the television! Head on over to Kaboose for the free pattern and instructions.

For those who love to tat, I found a simple, cute, free pattern here at Mielke’s Farm. It works whether you use shuttles or needles.

If cross stitch is your thing, you can find this gorgeous iris pattern for free at Better Cross Stitch Patterns. It’s a double-sided pattern. The other side says ‘Bloom where you are planted.’

Of course, you can always sew your bookmarks. For free instructions and pattern, take a look at this page.

Pick your technique, choose a pattern, don’t be afraid to go looking for free ideas on the net. Just get cracking and make bookmarks!

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