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Hmmm… Sounds Familiar To Me

By Twistie

On June 26th at 10/9C, TLC will be rolling out a new show that bears a striking resemblance to an old show that should have lived a lot longer than it did. Craft Wars will star Tori Spelling. In it, three crafters will go head to head against one another and the clock to make crafts out of items chosen by the producers. A panel of judges will then award points. The top two go on to a second round after which the winner of the episode is crowned.

Yes, this looks like a bigger budget Craft Corner Deathmatch without the Craft Lady of Steel or the gloriously grungy crafting cage. Plus there is apparently time for Spelling to mentor the crafters a la Tim Gunn.

In other words, it looks like they took the premise of a great show that was light years ahead of its time, sucked the genius right out of it, and turned it into just another reality contest show, only without giving us time to care about the contestants.

Still, I tend far more to optimism than pessimism, and I’ll give it a go at least once to see if things turn out better than I fear.

But I can tell you right now I already miss Amber.

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