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I Don’t Think It’s My Size….

By Twistie

A lot of people collect Hollywood memorabilia, both for film and television. I’m not above it. I have autographed photos of most of the Buffy cast, a couple members of the Deep Space Nine crew, as well as a fabulous Mexican lobby card for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. A friend of ours even owns one of the pods from the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

So I get why someone would want an item that appeared on television. I personally would trample someone’s grandmother to get my greedy hands on an original Trek phaser.

But imagine my surprise when I discovered on Etsy a… rather outsized item that appeared in multiple episodes(!) of Charmed, and in the movie Raise Your Voice:

Yes, it’s a six foot tall fetish shoe, sculpted out of steel by artist Bruce Gray and painted in lipstick red automotive paint.

I think if I were looking for a piece of Hollywood to take home, this inspires me to want Grace Kelly’s fabulous nightgown, pegnoir, and slippers from Rear Window that all fit so neatly into a small briefcase. You’ve got the classy associations of Grace Kelly, Edith Head, and Alfred Hitchcock, some really fine design work, and something much, much easier to store.

I’m just saying.

On the other hand, if I happened to have $24,000 to spend on a piece of sculpture, and another $1,500 to spend on  shipping, and I really wanted to make my neighbors unhappy… you never know. I might put it in my garden just to be obnoxious.

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