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I Have a Few Words for You, Olivier

By Twistie

This gentleman, for those of you who have not been watching the current season of Project Runway on Lifetime, is Olivier (pronounced ‘Oliver’) Green.

I have a message for Olivier based on his behavior on last night’s episode. Those of you who do not wish to be spoiled about the challenge or his behavior, consider this your spoiler alert. But don’t worry, I’m also adding a cut.

Those of you who wish to know what I’m saying, join me after said cut.

Are we alone here, now? Good. Come over here, Oliver, because I have a few words for you.

In last night’s challenge, you were required to work with an actual client, as opposed to a model. I know this is often a difficult challenge for PR contestants. I know you’ve been trained to think of curves, fat, and customer preferences as an interference to your Art. Every season there’s at least one designer who goes into a full bore linear panic over having to dress a woman with breasts and opinions. This time it was you. I know you are neither the first nor the last PR contestant to be confused as to how to deal with DD cups.

But you know what? Your words about being forced to deal with actual people who aren’t built like models and who might have (GASP! THE HORROR!) tastes and opinions of their own took you to another level of hateful.

Yes, I know your statements were edited. I know you didn’t make all those pronouncements about how the fact that there are fat people doesn’t upset you,  but they are bad for clothes, and that women shouldn’t have breasts, and how you couldn’t wait to work with a model who just ‘shuts up and does her job’ again all in a row. I know there were literally hours between these nasty, clueless words. But the fact remains you said every single one of those things. Your words were edited, but they were not put into your mouth.

I don’t know if you understand this, Olivier, but the human body is your canvas. It is the job of your clothes to make women look and feel beautiful, to bring out the best in them. It is not the job of the human body to be a very specifically-shaped hanger to show off how pretty your clothes are. The human body is not a flat piece of paper. It is a 3-D ever moving, breathing, and changing thing of beauty. Clients are the lifeblood of designers, not a mere distraction from creating ART. Without clients, designers do not make the papers or show at fashion week. In fact, they go out of business and nobody ever hears from them again. What’s more? That’s the way it should be.

If you want to work with a medium without a mouth, fashion is not your ideal world. If you think the female form is so revolting, why are you trying to dress it? Are you really trying to hide it and make it disappear? Do you think fat people simply disappear if you don’t have to dress them? Or would you prefer that anyone over a size 2 go naked about their business? Because, hey, I could do that… but if seeing me dressed would so upset your sensibilities, I rather doubt you want to look at my uncovered flesh.

In short, grow the hell up and get your head out of your posterior. You have chosen a profession that will require you to deal on a daily basis with women. Actual women. Women who have brains, mouths, and the money to make them expect people to listen to them.

And you just went on national television and told all your potential clients that you hold them in utter contempt.

6 Responses to “I Have a Few Words for You, Olivier”

  1. Sarah R Says:

    My thoughts exactly. The little git.

  2. Twistie Says:

    I know! He just honked me off so badly that I had to remind myself that hurling heavy objects through my flat screen would do more damage to me than him. Twerp.

  3. Petriece Says:

    I am SO gratified that you said something about that little snothead, Olivier. “Grow the hell up,” indeed! Let’s be frank: that child hates women. He is in the wrong business.

  4. Mallory Says:


    Speaking to the choir, ladies. What was interesting to me, besides the obvious disdain this little boy has for women in general, was that until this point, he seemed incredibly mild-mannered. From what little I knew of him up to this point, this episode seemed quite out of character. That said, there are indeed designers on this show who go “full bore liner panic”-y every season.

    All of that in mind, I’m ready for a season of PR where the female designers dominate – at least they know what DD means. I appreciate to no end the creativity of male designers, but part of me kind of resents the fact that so many men think they know what being a woman is (visually) all about. I’ve always had thoughts about what the fashion industry would be like if there was more of a female presence from the beginning of the modern fashion industry.

  5. Twistie Says:

    That’s an interesting question, Mallory. I think I shall take that musing to the peanut gallery and see what others think.

  6. SarahC Says:

    Finally got around to watching this episode last night and I had two thoughts. Oliver was not the only one disturbed at the thought of having to work with “real” people, while selecting the clients they thought they were sewing menswear for Anya was glad to be first because she could pick the one with the most athletic build and one of the designers expressed concern about being able to afford material for a larger waistline. However, Oliver did seem to be the one least able to get over it and move on. Second, at one point I’m sure I heard Oliver say either women shouldn’t have breasts or he doesn’t like dealing with breasts, perhaps he should consider a career in menswear? (sorry I couldn’t pin down the quote but the streaming video wasn’t working well and I couldn’t get back to it)

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