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Inspiration Gallery: Eggs

By Twistie

via All Things Family

Between the horrible weather and the fact that today marks precisely one month to Easter, I have decided we need to talk about decorating eggs. Why? Because they’re festive and fun. What more impetus do we need?

While dyed or painted eggs are most commonly associated with Easter, there’s no reason we can’t play with them the rest of the year. Eggs are nicely shaped little canvases. And if you’re uncomfortable working with real ones, it’s easy to find faux eggs to decorate.

You can dye eggs and then glue flowers to them, as in this super cute project from Country Living.

Of course you may prefer a more subtle approach using natural items, like these elegant eggs. If you want to know how to do them, head on over to Green Baby Guide and learn all.

via Travel West Ukraine

Eggs don’t even need to be made with, well, eggs. These beaded eggs were made by Huichol artists in Mexico. I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of in love with that scorpion.

And last but far from least, I’m directing all of you to My Little Cottage in the Making for a plethora of fabulous ideas for dyeing eggs, including these glorious ones done with silk ties.

Or you can always do what I do: grab a box of Paas and a great big box of Crayolas. Draw on the boiled eggs with the crayons, then dye away! The crayons make a great wax resist, only with color. The dyes act as an overdye, and voila! impressive, creative eggs to delight any eye.

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