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Inspiration Gallery: Macrame

By Twistie

via Artblahg

If any of you grew up in the seventies like I did, chances are you saw plenty of macrame every bit as disturbing as this piece… though you probably saw a lot more wall hangings of owls done in orange or harvest gold on dark brown trees.

The thing is, macrame doesn’t have to be anything like either of those things. I would, however, point out that there is some seriously good work going on in that bra. It’s just that it’s sort of Mata Hari’s nightmare as an actual finished piece.

But if one is interested, it’s possible to find macrame that’s worthy both in technique, design, and purpose. Let’s take a look, shall we?

via Hayden-Harnett

Take, for instance, this amazing macrame chair. It’s gorgeous and elegant.

via Jewelry Lessons

This fabulous bracelet is made of macrame out of wire, and how gorgeous is it? Follow the link for instructions at the low, low price of seven smackers.

via Found Sh*t

Or, of course, you can go gloriously all-out goofy with something like this hot dog. Yeah, it makes me laugh. Laughter is always a good thing. Let’s inspire some today!

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