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Inspiration Gallery: Papier Mache

By Twistie

Most of us have done a little papier mache in our time. It’s one of those crafts that shows up a lot in elementary school classrooms and summer camp arts and crafts lessons. But have you done any lately? I know I haven’t. But looking at this illustration of Muslim men painting papier mache ornaments over at Wikipedia, I may have been inspired. And so I thought I’d pass the inspiration on to all of you.

If you haven’t tried it in a while and are looking for a good, basic project with clear instructions, you might take a look at this older article at Molly Chicken on making these pretty papier mache bowls:

 It includes full instructions and more attractive photos, as well as ideas for more kinds of embellishment.

Believe it or not, this wall hanging also includes papier mache. It’s the work of artist, humorist, and author C. Pic Michel. Take a look at the gallery for more inspiration.

Or, for a more graphic – but tremendously fascinating and instructive – use of the craft, take a look at this papier mache model of the human heart created by Louis Thomas Jerome Auzoux:


Whether you’re looking for a fun project to keep the kids entertained, a bit of decoration for your home, or an interesting lesson in biology, papier mache is up for the job.

Now that’s a versatile technique!


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