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It’s a Wednesday Free-For-All

By Twistie

(Illustration via the Sword Academy of Calgary where you can learn lots of cool stuff about swords and swordplay, if you so desire)

Darlings, it’s been a long week at Casa Twistie and it’s barely wednesday. We’ve been having that one last heatwave of the year and it’s been unbearably hot. There was an outdoor hip-hop party at the Oakland Coliseum the other night that literally shook my bed until two in the morning… more than a mile away! And yeah, let’s just say Twistie needs a tiny break today.

So have at it, all of you! Tell me about your latest project, your newest toy, the ridiculous or pithy thing someone said to you as you were crafting away, your dream material to work with, or your memories of crafting with someone you once knew.

I’ll get the ball rolling here.

I’ve recently started sending Mr. Twistie to work with a lunchbox filled with goodies. I know, how very June Cleaver of me! The fact is, though, that it’s saving us money and – even more importantly – giving him ready access to food when he works through the day without a break.

One downside, though, we’re going through a lot more bread than usual because he likes sandwiches and they’re easy to assemble and pack in a half-caffeinated state.

So as soon as the heat dials down just a few more degrees, I’m trying my hand at big-batch no-knead bread for the first time.

If anyone out there has any tips or tricks, I’d love to hear them before I make my first batch of dough.

5 Responses to “It’s a Wednesday Free-For-All”

  1. dinazad Says:

    I wish I had lots of time and about eight hands capable of independent work. I need to weave two scarves, knit thre pairs of legwarmers and a pair of wristwarmers, make cute gift baggies, all by Christmas, which is much nearer than is really comfortable. Also, there’s a sweater to finish by next summer and chiles to turn into hot sauces right now. Also bacon jam. Mending to do. And the neverending blanket (long story….).
    But I go to work with warm bread/rolls almost every morning. Here’s how it goes: Just before going to bed, mix 2 cups of flour (regular. You can substitute half by polenta, chestnut flour, wholewheat etc. etc.), 1 cup of liquid (yoghurt or buttermilk. Or milk, beer, water). 1 tsp salt. Tablespoon of olive oil (or poppyseed oil, sesame oil – this will be quite spicy – etc.). 1/2 – 1 tablespoon of vinegar if using a neutral, non-acidic liquid (e.g. water). Nuts or seeds of choice. 1/3 baggie of dried yeast. Mix (the dough should be rather soft and slushy. If not, add more liquid), cover, go to bed. First thing in the morning, set oven to 390 degrees, butter six muffin tins, distribute risen dough in tins, sprinkle with salt/rosemary/whatever, put in oven. Shower, have coffee, brush teeth, get dressed, take rolls out of the oven, pack in paper bag, take to work. Easy. And very versatile. You can also mix bacon pieces or small cheese cubes into the dough….

  2. dinazad Says:

    …three…. three pairs. Need to proofread my comments. And have more coffee.

  3. Twistie Says:

    Best of luck in becoming an octopus, dinazad! I’ll definitely be trying out the roll recipe soon.

    Now, about that bacon jam… any chance you’d like to share that recipe or tell me where to find it?

  4. dinazad Says:

    I’m trying this one: With the judicious addition of a chile or two….

  5. Twistie Says:

    Let’s see… bacon, onion, garlic, maple syrup, and coffee? These really are a few of my favorite things! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I definitely need to make this!

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