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It’s the Morning After the Election…

By Twistie

… and whether you’re basking in the sweet joy of victory, gnashing your teeth and swearing revenge in your defeat, or – like most of us – seeing how you did in a mixed bag of wins and losses, I think there are a few things we can all agree were Bad Ideas in the world of election-related crafts.

Love her or hate her, do you really need that many Michelle Obamas on your fingernails? I think I could do without.

I don’t care how delicious bipartisanship can be, no power on earth can force me to eat these marshmallows.

Or perhaps you’d like to wear your political heart on your sleeve but think it’s around your neck… or that of your dog.

Either way, this… um… stylish bow tie on a super classy elastic band complete with subliminal messages about how you vote will do the trick. Yes, the creator does specify it works just as well for man’s best friend.

Me? I wouldn’t do it to a dog.

So what have we learned from this exercise? That bad taste crosses all party lines, and even the best candidates can have supporters who are willing to go the extra distance to come up with seriously craptastic tie ins.

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