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Let’s Talk Turkey Day

By Twistie

 (turkey bread basket project via Family Fun)


It’s now November. Thanksgiving is a couple mere weeks away. I thought it might be fun to do a roundup of the best holiday projects so you, my crafty friends, would have some great stuff to do for your tables. This bread basket was the best I found.

For most holidays, it’s easy to find a great mix of glorious and ghastly projects.. but something about Thanksgiving seems to bring out the worst in crafters. I get that most of the projects are aimed at kids, and mostly at teaching them fairly questionable history, at that. I get that toilet paper roll pilgrims and clothespin turkeys are easy for little hands. But I find it difficult to believe that a holiday centered around the table cannot produce serious, adult, elegant craft.

Have you got a great Thanksgiving project? Seen one on the net? Tell me all about it!

5 Responses to “Let’s Talk Turkey Day”

  1. April D Says:

    Heehee. I love the Turkey basket. My mom is down in Virginia and I think today they are setting up the 4 foot tall hand-turkey they made and painted. Their plan is to set it up and slowly begin setting out “baby” hand-turkeys every day a bit closer to their neighbors’ house (the neighbors are very friendly and this is right up their alley). Mom and Jim call the giant hand-turkey “Butterscotch” and they love him ;) I can’t wait until they start sending pictures!!!

    Haven’t thought of taking on a craft myself other than my usual crafted cards to a few folks. (Found a stamp with a cute turkey hold an “Eat Ham!” sign for this year!)

    But if I *DID* pick a craft it would totally be a turkey-hat for a baby. Actually, looking that up in Ravelry I came across this apple warmer and just want to make it!

  2. Twistie Says:

    You know, April, it never occurred to me to warm an apple. Huh. Perhaps I shall ask my apples if they’re too cold.

  3. ZaftigWendy Says:

    I warm apples all the time! I don’t like eating cold apples as they hurt my teeth. Warmed up a bit, though, they’re perfect. Of course, I don’t use an “apple warmer,” instead I plop the apple I’m going to eat in a bowl of hot water for 5 minutes. Try it! They’re sweeter that way!

  4. Twistie Says:

    I usually don’t eat really cold apples, either. I tend to use them most often (when I’m not making them into pie!) cut up room temperature in salads. That way I can put bitter and peppery greens (which I adore) in my salad and Mr. Twistie finds they mitigate the bitterness enough that he can enjoy the kale, etc. too. I also generally store apples on the countertop, largely because I get a fresh delivery of organic fruits and veggies to my doorstep every week, so they tend to get used up pretty quickly. That reminds me, I’ve got a small backlog and a new delivery coming tomorrow. PIE DAY!!!!

    As for the apple warmer, I say to each her own, and more power to April D. for wanting one… or even a flock. But for me and mine… not so much.

  5. April D Says:

    Honestly not sure WHAT I’d do with the apple-warmer. I tend to love my apples cold and crispy crunchy. But maybe I can make it into a festive hat for the day ;)

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