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Not Just for Knitters Anymore

By Twistie

(via The Telegraph)

I love yarnbombing. It’s a wonderful, crazed, whimsical, delightful, anarchic, joyful idea. It makes me smile just to know people are doing this. There’s just one thing wrong with it: so far it’s been limited to knitters and crocheters. In other words, it’s brilliant… as far as it goes.

But I don’t knit. I don’t crochet. I have friends who craft, but not with fiber. What about us?

Well, I don’t see anyone else doing something about this so I guess it’s time to step up and do my part to make a difference.

Friends, we are going to change the face of yarnbombing to include all of us. Best of all, we’re going to do it no matter where we are, or what our favorite craft happens to be.

On Tuesday, March 1, 2011, we are going to bomb our local libraries with bookmarks. Choose your own technique, colors, library to bomb, and schedule. If you can’t make it to your library during the hours it’s open, send a confederate or just hang your bookmark(s) somewhere on the entrance. If you can make it during open hours, it would be fun to put them in books randomly around the library.

Do be sure to make it clear in some way (probably a small tag attached to the bookmarks) that these are for people to take and enjoy.

Now, how are we going to share the event with one another? Well, we’re all going to take pictures. Send pics to me of you and your friends making bookmarks, the finished pieces, the books you put them in… whatever you feel makes your point and sums up the fun you have doing this. Email me copies so that I can use a few of my personal faves in the roundup post. Let me know about anything funny or moving or just interesting that happened while you were doing this project. War stories will also be included.

So have fun! Get creative! Tell all your friends!

Oh, and get making bookmarks!

6 Responses to “Not Just for Knitters Anymore”

  1. Jennie Says:

    Love it! I may have to get some of my craftiness out of mothballs for this! And I want that bus.

  2. ZaftigWendy Says:

    This is an AWESOME idea!

  3. Whitney Says:

    I’m a moderator for the cross_stitch community over on Live Journal; we’ll be letting the community know about it tonight!

  4. Cheryl J Says:

    I am a yarnbomber. I think this is a great idea and hope that us fiber artists can be included. I hope to crochet about 20 bookmarks to leave in our main library. I usually do stop signs so this will be different.
    Happy Crafting!

  5. Twistie Says:

    Of course fiber artists (including knitters and crocheters) are more than welcome! After all, I wouldn’t set up a bombing run I couldn’t participate in and I’m a bobbin lacer.

    Thanks for joining in, Cheryl J! I look forward to hearing about/seeing evidence of your exploits.

  6. Maria Says:

    I just discovered this post- don’t know how I missed it! I am a librarian part-time and will definitely be participating! It may be a good idea to let the librarians know…I know at my library if we find a book with a bookmark in it we look to see who had the book last and save it for them when they come in again….

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