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It’s the Morning After the Election…

November 7th, 2012
By Twistie

… and whether you’re basking in the sweet joy of victory, gnashing your teeth and swearing revenge in your defeat, or – like most of us – seeing how you did in a mixed bag of wins and losses, I think there are a few things we can all agree were Bad Ideas in the world of election-related crafts.

Love her or hate her, do you really need that many Michelle Obamas on your fingernails? I think I could do without.

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A Brief Crafting PSA from Crafty Manolo

November 6th, 2012
By Twistie

When this:

seems like a good idea? It’s time to get out of the house a lot more.

That is all.

Quickie Question: Holiday Gifts?

November 5th, 2012
By Twistie

It’s that time of year once again. Whether or not you follow a religion that traditionally believes in exchanging seasonal gifts, chances are there’s somebody you’re going to give a present to at this time of year. More than likely, several of them. And some of us have a looooooong list of friends and family we plan to give nice things in honor of the time of year.

Things are not terribly lavish at Casa Twistie right now. We’re tightening our proverbial belts just a little more, of late. And that means that this year it’s not simply a matter of choice to give handmade things, but pretty much the only way we can fit it into the budget.

So the next door neighbors will get yummy baked goods, and other people we give gifts to at this time of year will find themselves the proud or otherwise recipients of things like berets decorated with needlefelting, home baked treats, and pretty bottles of flavored oils and vinegars. I might even needlefelt a couple Christmas tree ornaments.

Frankly, I enjoy giving this way because I’m giving not only something tangible, but also something that shows I spent time thinking about the person it’s for. On top of all that, I’m giving the gift of my time and effort. Not everyone on the gift list will necessarily think of it that way, and that’s beyond my control, but that’s how I think of it. It makes me feel good.

So what about all of you? Are you handcrafting holiday gifts? Baking up a batch of holiday cheer? Going commercial? Ignoring the whole sorry business?

Tell me all about it!

Disco Infernal

November 2nd, 2012
By Twistie

There’s nothing better for perking up a sick Twistie than a good dose of fashion hijinks.

Of course if you want to know more, you’ll have to follow the cut.

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Now We Are Sick

November 1st, 2012
By Twistie

That’s it. I’m officially curling up on the sofa with Jake the cat on my lap and a succession of stupid movies on the television. I’m too sick to blog today.

But I’ll be back tomorrow, I promise.

Happy Halloween from Crafty Manolo!

October 31st, 2012
By Twistie

Give me all your chocolate… or else!

You Can Take It With You

October 30th, 2012
By Twistie

Need something to help you carry your embroidery, cross stitch, needlepoint, tapestry, or patchwork quilting materials with you when you’re on the go? Take a look at this lovely quilted cotton organizer from Roberts Crafts.

The upper section features two see-through pockets and a space for larger equipment such as scissors, patterns, and fabrics. The lower section has six large zippered see-through pockets for things like thread, thimbles, needles, and so on.

Here’s a view of it closed. Oh, and that aqua color? Yeah, that’s the one it comes in. Apparently the red is not available.

The dimensions when closed are 9.5×9.5×7.2 inches. I don’t know how clearly you can see it in the illustration, but there’s a self handle on top for easy transport.

You could carry enough crafting materials to get you through a good long vacation or boring conference with that kind of space!

All that for only $62.00? Sign me up!

Happy Birthday, Bob Ross

October 29th, 2012
By Twistie

(Image Via Gentlemanbeggar, whose post you should definitely check out for a giggle or three)

I’m going to come clean here: I never in my life have watched an episode of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. I’m not a painter. I frankly find his paintings simplistic and slightly cheesy. Make that a big ol’ hunk of Monterey Jack. Even the phrase ‘happy little trees’ makes me itch all over.

And yet I do have a sneaking respect for Bob Ross. Whatever I may have thought of his paintings, his phraseology, or his show, the fact remains that he did a hell of a lot to get millions of people to try doing something creative. He taught them that mistakes are nothing to be afraid of. He encouraged them to use their imaginations to bring themselves and others happiness.

Were all of the people he inspired Picassos and Van Goughs in the rough? Hardly. I’m sure quite a number of the paintings he inspired others to do are the visual equivalent of Vogon poetry. And yet, someone out there had to be better. Several someones, I’m sure. And those special few have gone on to create much better paintings.

Others, I have no doubt, quickly realized that painting wasn’t their medium, but knew that somewhere out there was the right form of self-expression for them. They went on to try other creative pursuits, such as sculpture, photography, needlecrafts, weaving, and beading. Maybe they were better at those. Even if they were no better at them, they found more happiness.

Even the people who were No Damn Good at painting and didn’t really care found happiness doing something creative. What’s more, they didn’t harm anyone while doing it.

And so today I thank the late Bob Ross on his natal day for bringing joy and creativity, and yes, even the (grits teeth) happy little trees to so many people.

Here We Go Again

October 26th, 2012
By Twistie


Another season, another season of Project Runway All Stars.

As per usual, I’ll put in a cut so as not to spoil those who haven’t had a chance to see or take up the entire page for people who don’t care. As if.

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Tonight’s the Night!

October 25th, 2012
By Twistie

Yes, it’s a new season of Project Runway All Stars starting tonight, so set your DVRs to stunning!

My personal faves I want to see make it to the end? Well, I’ve always said Uli was robbed back in season three, Andrae made what I still consider to be one of the top three designs ever in PR history when he made that fabulous gutter water evening gown, and I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Anthony the colorblind testicular cancer survivor from New Orleans. What? I appreciate someone who comes so much from behind and who has kind of an amazing color sense for not being able to see it the way most of us do. And while I don’t necessarily expect him to go very far in the competition, I do have to admit I’m going to enjoy having Casanova back on my screen. I find him kind of weirdly charming.

Here’s hoping for a quick and relatively painless reality demise for Wendy Pepper whose primary career since season one has mostly consisted of embarrassing herself and anyone who knows her on national television, Poison Ivy whose personality has all the charm of rampant kudzu and whose design aesthetic is a perfect cure for both sleepless nights and restless leg syndrome, and Laura who I mostly remember as being the one who kept nattering on about how everyone would underestimate her for being so, so pretty… while competing against an actual Miss Universe contestant. In fact, I had to go back to my recaps of season nine to recall who the heck she even was. That’s how much impression her designs and personality made on me.

Oh, and Suede will only stay off that second list if he has finally learned either to refer to himself in the first person, or has at least figured out how to use the third person consistently. And if he never, ever tries again to dress female javelin throwers, weight lifters,  and water polo players in cheerleader uniforms.

In other PRAS news, season one host Angela Lindvall is being replaced by Carolyn Murphy.

I hope I find her more scintillating than her predecessor.

Either way, tune in tomorrow for the skinny on all the tears and recriminations.

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