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Plant a Seed of Creativity

By Twistie

Now that the weather is getting colder and wetter and generally less fun to be out in, it’s time to move any green thumb you may have indoors for a bit. In short, it’s time to think about terrariums.

The illustration above comes from this easy to follow set of instructions on terrarium planting at It gives you all the basics you need to know from choosing your container and plants to tips on general upkeep. Who knows? If I could find a flat surface the cat doesn’t like to nap on, even I with my Anti-Green-Thumb of Plant Death might be able to keep one going for a while with those useful hints.

But all the terrariums shown in that tutorial are kind of… classic. Basic. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but I’m always looking for something a bit more unusual and preferably either macabre or whimsical.

I have to say, I’m loving this desert terrarium inside a 100w lightbulb. I found both the illustration and the instructions on Terrarium Man’s site. Let’s see… what did I do with the last bulb we blew here at Casa Twistie?

While there aren’t any instructions for this one, I’m madly in love with this terrarium made in a gum ball machine. Plus extra points for little men.

But you don’t have to seek out wild and weird containers to make a great terrarium. Chances are you have at least one or two empty bottles somewhere around the house… or will have some soon. If that’s the case, well, why not fill it with a terrarium?

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