Crafty Manolo » Quickie Question: Buyer’s Remorse or Glorious Goof?

Quickie Question: Buyer’s Remorse or Glorious Goof?

By Twistie

It’s happened to all of us. The description of that book sounds perfect, but it turns out to have no new techniques and maybe one pattern worth using. The color sounds delicious, but when it arrives it’s the Platonic definition of hideous. Everyone around you assures you that drill bit, loom, pottery wheel, or soldering iron is the answer to a maiden’s prayer… except that when you get it in your hot little hands, it turns out not to answer your prayers.

On the other hand, something else has happened to most of us.

We’ve grabbed the wrong skein of yarn, picked the random crochet hook out of the pile of identical ones, or chosen the pot of dye right next to the one we meant to take… and discovered something wonderful we didn’t expect.

What was your worst case of crafting buyer’s remorse? What was your best craft supplies goof?

One Response to “Quickie Question: Buyer’s Remorse or Glorious Goof?”

  1. dinazad Says:

    That dapping tool was a disaster. I’m sure it’s a perfectly good tool, but never having used one I was appalled by the noise you make when using it. NOT something to make you populer with your neighbors, especially since here in Switzerland not disturbing your neighbors with undue noise is duty paramount.
    The patented needle threader somebody brought me from Turkey isn’t that great either – it only deigns to thread a very specific size of needle.

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