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Quickie Question: Crafts for Famous Folk?

By Twistie

Some years ago, I was at a Star Trek convention where Gates McFadden (aka: Dr. Beverley Crusher) gave a talk on her Trek experiences. Mr. Twistie and I went to listen. The talk was nice enough, and then Ms. McFadden opened the floor to questions. Sure, there were a lot of the expected ones (who’s the better kisser: Jonathan Frakes or Patrick Stewart? Her answer: I can’t say, but both were pleasurable experiences), and a few annoying or irrelevant ones.

There was, however, one person called upon who didn’t actually have a question. She had a gift. In fact, it was a beautiful needlepoint portrait of the Enterprise D. McFadden seemed genuinely touched by the gesture, and I know I was sitting there thinking what a cool idea it was.

So I find myself wondering, if you made a craft project for a famous person, who would you give it to and what would it be?

One Response to “Quickie Question: Crafts for Famous Folk?”

  1. Sarah R Says:

    That is a very good question. Unfortunately, I have no good answer! The only thing I can think of would be a crazy-colored scarf with a funky pattern for David Bowie (one of the best all-time and my favorite).

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