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Quickie Question: Crafty Gifts

By Twistie

We’ve talked before about giving crafts as gifts, but what about those gifts we’ve been given that relate to our crafts?

The two best craft-related gifts that were ever given to me both came from family. One year for Christmas, my father gave me a really great bag. It had piles 0f zippered pockets – most of them clear so I could see what was inside – and a couple large pockets big enough to hold small books and sheets of paper. It had a handle and a strap long enough to wear cross-body. In fact, it still has all those things. With it I can organize my bobbins, threads, prickings, crochet hook, and all my other lacemaking tools when I’m on the move. It’s still going strong after nearly twenty years of hard use… and despite the best efforts of several, it has never been successfully nabbed by another lacemaker.

The other best craft gift I was ever given was from my brother the alpaca rancher. That same Christmas, he hand carved two bobbins for me. I use them often, and think warmly of him every time I do.

So how about you? Do you have a heartwarming (or otherwise) story of a craft-related gift from someone you love? Did they get it juuuuust right, or so very all but? Do you still have it?

5 Responses to “Quickie Question: Crafty Gifts”

  1. evilsciencechick Says:

    “my brother the alpaca rancher”


    You know what would make an EXCELLENT gift for a spinner?

    an alpaca fleece.



  2. SarahC Says:

    The Christmas after I started quilting, my mom spread the word about quilting accessories that would be useful (rotary cutters, clear plastic rulers, cutting mats, etc.). I’m still using most of those tools today and they were all very much appreciated.

  3. ZaftigWendy Says:

    I’ve gotten a spinning wheel, knitting needles (fancy ones!), and bags. Lots of bags. I love bags. Oh, and yarn.

  4. cthulhulovesme Says:

    The year before, my boyfriend gave me a pretty huge box full of yarn that had once belonged to an older relative. I turned quite a bit of it into a blanket.

    Also included with said box?

    A pair of hand cards for processing spinning fiber. Those have seen some frequent use since then.

  5. Jane H. Says:

    Perhaps not what you had in mind, but one year I really lobbied for a gift certificate from my favorite scrapbook demonstrator. My then-husband was very opposed to giving money or gift certificates, but he did agree that year. I had a wonderful time getting all the little goodies I really wanted. He truly did try to purchase craft items for me but they were usually things I already had, or would not probably use, or of lesser quality.

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