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Quickie Question: Finding the Time

By Twistie

It’s a busy world.

There’s work and family and friends and all kinds of other ways to fill twenty-four hours fuller than they can handle.

And yet we need to find room in our lives for our crafting, too.

I’m lucky with this one. I work from home and create my own schedule. I don’t have any kids. The most demanding family member is the cat. And still there are times when I suddenly look around me and realize I haven’t done any crafting in days.

I’ve decided to go back to something I did when I first started lacing: make appointments with me to do my crafting. Otherwise it’s too easy to just wake up one day and discover I’m not crafting, anymore at all.

What about all of you? Do you have an appointment with yourself? Do you take classes or have meetings with other crafters? Do you ever gasp at the realization that you haven’t threaded a needle or prepared dye stuffs or used your lathe in months?

Tell me all about it!

2 Responses to “Quickie Question: Finding the Time”

  1. Vismajor Says:

    I find that I’m a happier & more pleasant person to be around if I make time for knitting every day. So, I created a task in an iPhone app named “Lift” that helps focus me on making sure I do this. There’s no nagging within the app, but it’s a nice reminder. And, if I find myself cranky a few days it a row, it’s usually because the app’s log shows me that I hadn’t knitted for a while. :)

  2. Twistie Says:

    I love it when people find ingenious new ways to poke themselves to do handcrafts. That’s all kinds of awesome, Vismajor.

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