Crafty Manolo » Quickie Question: Get Any Crafty Loot?

Quickie Question: Get Any Crafty Loot?

By Twistie

Here it is, the day after Christmas (known, also, as Boxing Day), and I’m dying to know what you all got from Santa or his equivalent gift giver this time!

Okay, as I’m writing this, it isn’t Christmas yet, so I don’t know if I got something crafty or not… though I’m betting I will from someone. Tell me about yours, and I’ll tell you about mine when I can.

So… what did you get?

4 Responses to “Quickie Question: Get Any Crafty Loot?”

  1. Mary Says:

    I got the book “Girlhood Embroidery 1650-1850″ by Betty Ring, which is all about schoolgirl sampler embroidery in America during the given time period. It’s a tremendous reference and it’s exactly what I wanted, which is AWESOME. I also got some Amazon gift cards, which I used to buy even MORE books on historical embroidery. I realize that this makes me a nerd, but at the same time, I seriously do not care. :)

  2. Twistie Says:

    Oh Mary, what a great gift! I have a copy of that book, and it’s fabulous.

    Also? Historical needlework nerds RULE! I got a lovely book of illustrations of sixteenth and seventeenth century lace patterns, which is making me happy.

  3. Alynda Says:

    My Mom got a picture of my dearly departed puppy in bed with his Christmas toys made into a cross-stitch chart for me. So cute! Good thing she waited until this year to give it to me…last year I would have had a melt down.

  4. ZaftigWendy Says:

    I got FOUR! Knitting books, including two Elizabeth Zimmerman classics that I’d coveted for YEARS! I also got a gorgeous polymer-clay-decorated crochet hook. And and handknit hat from my daughter that she sneakily had made me try on saying it was for herself but she wanted to see how it looked on someone else (plausible, since I do that all the time).

    I also got lots of chocolate and tea, aka fortitude for the midnight crafter.

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