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Quickie Question: Holiday Gifts?

By Twistie

It’s that time of year once again. Whether or not you follow a religion that traditionally believes in exchanging seasonal gifts, chances are there’s somebody you’re going to give a present to at this time of year. More than likely, several of them. And some of us have a looooooong list of friends and family we plan to give nice things in honor of the time of year.

Things are not terribly lavish at Casa Twistie right now. We’re tightening our proverbial belts just a little more, of late. And that means that this year it’s not simply a matter of choice to give handmade things, but pretty much the only way we can fit it into the budget.

So the next door neighbors will get yummy baked goods, and other people we give gifts to at this time of year will find themselves the proud or otherwise recipients of things like berets decorated with needlefelting, home baked treats, and pretty bottles of flavored oils and vinegars. I might even needlefelt a couple Christmas tree ornaments.

Frankly, I enjoy giving this way because I’m giving not only something tangible, but also something that shows I spent time thinking about the person it’s for. On top of all that, I’m giving the gift of my time and effort. Not everyone on the gift list will necessarily think of it that way, and that’s beyond my control, but that’s how I think of it. It makes me feel good.

So what about all of you? Are you handcrafting holiday gifts? Baking up a batch of holiday cheer? Going commercial? Ignoring the whole sorry business?

Tell me all about it!

One Response to “Quickie Question: Holiday Gifts?”

  1. annie Says:

    For many years, I’ve baked a huge variety of cookies and have given away tins of cookies, lots of them. This year, my oven is kaput. So I will be making chocolate truffles this year.

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