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Quickie Question: Seasonal Crafts?

By Twistie

Ah, Autumn! That snap in the air, those piles of leaves on the ground, the kids are back in school… it’s almost like a whole new world, isn’t it? It’s certainly a time of transition.

And so I find myself wondering, does anyone out there tend to change their crafts with the seasons? Do you put away your scrapbooks and start casting on new knitting projects? Stop pickling and start quilting? Or if you continue to do the same crafts, does your stylistic or material focus change?

I find myself pulling out warmer colors to use in the colder months. Sure, lace isn’t going to keep anyone warm at night (unless your knitting up those fabulous Shetland shawls… and those are only going to go so far), but while I tend to reach for icy blues and cooling greens during the warmer months, as soon as the first leaf hits the ground, I’m itching to work in yellow, red, orange, and all the colors that make me feel cozy and warm.

What changes about your craft with the seasons?

One Response to “Quickie Question: Seasonal Crafts?”

  1. Carol Lynn Says:

    Absolutely! As a knitter, I love working on light, airy lace projects in the summer. When the chill of Fall comes around, that’s when I pull out my heavier woolen projects. But one way or another, I’m knitting year-round. :)

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