Crafty Manolo » Quickie Question: Sweet Charity Projects?

Quickie Question: Sweet Charity Projects?

By Twistie


Mmm… sorry. Long weekend. American Cancer Society Relay for Life. Legs in searing pain… brain fuzzy… but at least I used enough sunscreen to avoid burning, so hopefully I won’t need the ACS’s services for skin cancer.

So I spent twenty-four hours on and around the track, walking, helping shlep campsite gear and equipment for the stage (Mr. Twistie was entertainment chairman for our town) and that after spending days baking delicious, fudgey brownies to sell.

Last year I made cookies and was the only person on the site selling home baked goodies. Another team member was the only person doing face painting. This year, half the teams were selling baked goods (the team next to ours was selling entire loaves of banana bread for a buck!) and while the Redhead was still painting Harry Potter scars and rainbows on kids’ cheeks, there was another team down the track doing outrageously ornate face painting with sparkles. Plus there was one team doing massages for five bucks! Free for cancer survivors.

Yeah, we didn’t really set the world on fire with our goodies this year. Sigh. At least I have some tasty brownies to enjoy… and we did exchange some brownies for some free barbeque at dinner time on saturday.


If there’s one thing I know about crafty people, it’s that we tend to be generous. Every time there’s a big charity event, I see my fellow crafters selling their goods for the cause.

So I’m wondering… all of you out there, have you ever donated your time, talent, and craftiness to a Worthy Cause? What did you do? Did it raise much money? If you were doing something like the Relay, what would you make?

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go soak my sore feet in epsom salts.

4 Responses to “Quickie Question: Sweet Charity Projects?”

  1. Carol Says:

    At least one lap quilt and one wall quilt for the school auction every year. A lap quilt for the choir raffle, too. And my awesome mom makes six quilted table runners each year for the choir raffle. They’re the highlight of the show!

  2. Twistie Says:

    I bet they are! You and your mom are, indeed, awesome!

  3. Orora Says:

    I make these filled with home-grown dried catnip for the open house of the animal shelter where I volunteer: I use scraps of wool I have from other projects and charge about $4 each (all of which goes to the shelter). They are always a huge hit.

  4. Twistie Says:

    I bet they are! I know my kitty is a complete catnip junkie, and so are many others. What a great fundraising idea!

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