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Quickie Question: Trying Anything New?

By Twistie

Every once in a while it’s fun to try out a new craft.  Some of them will stick with us only a short time, others the rest of our lives. Either way, it’s good for the brain, the manual dexterity, and keeping your friends from fearing presents from you because they’ve already got all the (fill in the blank) they could possibly want if they live to be as old as Methuselah.

So I’ve decided to try two new crafts and have gone so far as to order me some instructions and equipment to get me started.

The first one is needle felting. I’m finding I’m fascinated with the range of possibilities in the craft. Besides, there are days when sitting there repeatedly stabbing something sounds kind of like good, cheap therapy. I’m  eager to get started.

The other one I’m giving a go is nalbinding. It’s something of an ancient forerunner to knitting, but done with a single needle and your fingers. I’m kind of in love with the idea of making my own socks, but regular knitting and I… we just don’t get along so well. I’m thinking that I’ll have an easier time with the thing that gave me the most trouble with both knitting and crochet – the gauging – since in nalbinding it’s done with each stitch using your own fingers. Besides, it doesn’t get much more travel-friendly than something you can do as long as you have something resembling a darning needle, a ball of yarn, and your own fingers at the ready!

Stay tuned for adventures in these two crafts!

Now what about all of you? Tried anything new lately? Picked up a book or toy you can’t wait to test out?

Tell me all about it!

3 Responses to “Quickie Question: Trying Anything New?”

  1. April D Says:

    Love it! Especially your reasoning for needle felting ;) For now I’m working with Adam D on robotics (learning to solder now) but still crafting together two new dance outfits: one sepia-toned steampunkery and the other a blues-themed tribal bit using torans. Lots of fun and rather creative at times.

  2. Cassie Says:

    I actually just recently tried my first batch of resin. It was nerve-wracking, but turned out really well! I’m also very much considering starting needle felting – everything people can make with it looks SO cool! I will admit that the needles and their barbs have me a little leery (I have a tendency to poke into my fingers when I’m sewing, and those needles are smooth!), but I’m willing to try it.

  3. Sarah R Says:

    I’ve done some needle-felting- it is pretty fun, but I prefer spinning and knitting before I felt something! The nalbinding sounds really fun- I might have to check that out!

    Actually, the newest crafty-thing I’ve done is to make my own household cleaners. It is actually quite simple and very fun. I’ve made soft-scrub and laundry detergent so far, not to mention the all-purpose cleaner I made in the class I took to get started. It is so fun to have my own cleaning materials that I know are non-caustic and don’t make me sick when I use them.

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