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Quickie Question: What Are Your Crafting Beliefs?

By Twistie


Once upon a time, I went to a lacemaker’s convention. Actually, I’ve been to several over the years. This, however, was my very first. At that convention I met a delightful lady who told me a secret: she  had never finished a single project in all her years of crafting. Whenever she wanted to start up a new project or learn a new technique – even in a craft she already knew – she would buy all new supplies and tools. Her reason? She’d decided she couldn’t die as long as she had works in progress, so she wanted to make sure there was plenty left to do.

She had plenty left. When I met her, she had something like six lace pillows, several quilts, and literally scores of knitting projects half done and abandoned. And there she was learning to make bobbin lace with copper wire (same class I took!),  so one more lace pillow and a whole new batch of bobbins.

We all have an irrational belief or two in our lives.  I firmly believe that Star Trek makes my lace prettier. I also follow an old English lacemaker’s tradition of making sure I’ve got one bobbin spangled with a button and one spangled with a coin for luck.

What about you? What do you believe even if it doesn’t make sense? What do you have to have or do to craft comfortably?

5 Responses to “Quickie Question: What Are Your Crafting Beliefs?”

  1. RoseCampion Says:

    Even though there is no logical reason for it to be true, I believe strongly that if you knit a boyfriend (or girlfriend) a pair of socks, they will walk away from you. Also, the whole never knit a man a sweater until you’re married thing. Totally true.

    Also, I know a lot of people love knitting groups. I don’t. I work best with nothing but the TV for company. The problem with most stitch and bitch groups is there is way too much bitching, not nearly enough stitching.

  2. Margo Anderson Says:

    If I need to sew something while it’s on the person’s body, I make them hold a piece of thread in their teeth. This prevents me from sewing their soul to their body so that they can’t go to heaven (or wherever) when they die. I got this from my grandmother, and I certainly don’t believe it, but better safe than sorry!

    I also don’t baste with green thread, it’s bad luck. I’m told this comes from a time when green dyes were very unstable,and could stain your fabric.

  3. lowbudgetcyborg Says:

    How interesting! I don’t have any crafting superstitions- probably because I’m mostly self-taught and didn’t get the folklore. I do kind of believe in the sweater curse, but only because poor reception of a handmade gift can cause such friction in a relationship.

    The main thing I need is good light, and no distractions if it’s a complicated project.

  4. Miss B Says:

    I like to hand wind my balls of yarn because I feel like I “know” every inch of it that way. I also like to think about the person I am knitting something for while knitting it – I feel like it pulls my love and affection into the piece and when they wear it, they will be surrounded by that.

  5. Jane H. Says:

    I also think about the person while I am making something for them and feel like a part of me and a part of them become part of the item. It’s almost a prayerful time for me.

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