Crafty Manolo » Quickie Question: What Characters Have You Caught Crafting?

Quickie Question: What Characters Have You Caught Crafting?

By Twistie

I hope all of you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. I know I certainly did.

For one, there was plenty of delicious food (my pies are Art, you know), good friends, and fun times. For another, my buddies and I watched the Thanksgiving episode of WKRP In Cincinnati (As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!). The third and quite possibly most important thing: my friend sat me down for a three day marathon of Criminal Minds and utterly hooked me on the show.

Yes, I fell hard for pretty much everything and everyone on the show, but my heart belongs mostly, I think, to Penelope Garcia, pictured above. Not only is the an amazing computer maven and a fat lady who sings her own music no matter what, she’s a crafter to boot! Yes, in at least three of the episodes I watched over the weekend, Garcia pulls out her knitting and gets busy with those needles.

So I’m curious, can you think of any characters you love (or even just know about) on television or in movies who craft? Extra points if these people inhabit a modern or futuristic world.

6 Responses to “Quickie Question: What Characters Have You Caught Crafting?”

  1. SarahC Says:

    For nostalgic reasons, I checked out the first season of Friends from my local library and was surprised to see in one episode, Chandler and Rachel helping Monica roll a skein of yarn into a ball and then, in a later episode, Monica was knitting with what looked like the same yarn. Not the modern world, exactly but an occurrence in the not-to-distant past.

  2. Fabrisse Says:

    Someone ELSE hooked you on CM. Hmmmmph.

  3. Twistie Says:

    @Fabrisse: Well you kept telling me it would be too much for me, but you definitely prepared the ground. It’s just this weekend I finally got sat down and shown a whole bunch in a row, and she did go and show me the one where Wesley Crusher… er… I mean Wil Wheaton was the unsub. How could I not fall in love with that?

  4. Twistie Says:

    @SarahC.: As my father used to say, it’s close enough for government work. What I meant by modern world wasn’t necessarily this year, but more of a post- WWII world. Therefore, Friends definitely counts.

  5. The Accidental Tangoiste Says:

    I don’t think I’d noticed, but I am totally delighted to learn that Garcia knits! She’s so spectacular!

  6. Twistie Says:

    She certainly does. Watch an episode where she’s on the plane. She knits to pass the time on it.

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