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Quickie Question: What Is Your Dream Toy?

By Twistie

It’s true. We crafters tend to love toys. There’s always a new piece of equipment or an exciting fiber we haven’t tried. For my part, I’d like a couple more bobbins from this fabulous lady, and a four-way roller pillow. It looks like this:

Perfect for working four patterns at once or lacing with three really good friends.

What? I have peculiar dreams.

But what about the rest of you? What’s the thing you want to make your crafting time even better?

9 Responses to “Quickie Question: What Is Your Dream Toy?”

  1. April D Says:

    I dream of a large enough dressmaker’s model. The things are pricey enough as it is but add in wanting it to expand beyond a small size 8 and it becomes even more so. So, it is on my dream-list :)

  2. Twistie Says:

    May your dream come true, April D!

  3. Margo Anderson Says:

    I dream of a top of the line Viking or Pfaff sewing machine, the kind with embroidery capabilities that interface with your computer so you can scan and design your own embroidery. Since they cost more than I’ve ever spent on two cars, I’ll have to hope Santa is feeling very generous.

  4. Orora Says:

    Well, I purchased my dream toy at an estate sale this summer — a spinning wheel! I’ve wanted one for awhile, but they are pricey. This one is older, but in decent working order, although it probably needs a “tune up”. I haven’t had a chance to get that done yet, but soon.

    The other toy I’d like to have is my very own alpaca, but I’m thinking that’s not likely to be under my Christmas tree this year.

  5. Cathouse Blues Says:

    Ott lamps at every chair and work station…oh, to dream!!!

  6. ZaftigWendy Says:

    My dream toy right now is a rigid heddle loom. I’m pretty sure I’ll eventually want a big 8 or 12 shaft loom, but I don’t have room for it now, so I’ll “settle” for the rigid heddle. The one I truly want the most is the Schacht Flip.

  7. cthulhulovesme Says:

    I’d love to be able to afford either a spinning wheel or a serger. I’ve been spinning for almost 4 years now on drop spindles, but a wheel is something like 2 months’ worth of rent money for me. I think a serger is only a single month’s rent, but it’s still way out of my price range at the moment.

  8. lowbudgetcyborg Says:

    My dream toy is a whole craft room all to myself. Or a new spinning wheel with all the extras.

    Or a drum carder… Or a an inkle loom…

  9. Sarah F Says:

    I’d love to have an Ashford spinning wheel; the traditional or the traveler. Neither are very expensive (relatively speaking!) and they are so fun to use. The other thing I am lusting after is an industrial ball-winder from Nancy’s Knit Knacks. I call it the ball-winder-envy winder because I really wish I had one every time I see it. My little plastic thing just doesn’t even come close.

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