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R-A-G-G-D-O-L-L, Raggdoll

By Twistie

via Miss Gioia

I had them when I was a kid. You probably had at least one at some point, too. It’s the classic rag doll. There’s something about them that’s inherently comforting to small children, and brings a smile to the face of many an adult, as well.

Best of all, they’re really, really easy to make.

No kidding.

If you don’t believe me, just head on over to Miss Gioia (which has not, alas, been updated since 2009) for a lovely clear set of instructions for making a basic rag doll. When you get there, be sure to follow the link to the PDF pattern, too.

Once you’ve got the basic doll down, play with faces, hair, and clothes. After all, this is a complete blank canvas of a doll. It can be made in any color, or in a patterned fabric. You can go sweet or deranged with the features. Dress it for Little House on the Prairie or Fetish Night, as you prefer. Give it to a kid who could use a smile, or keep it for yourself.

Just play with it. You know you want to.

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