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Repurposed Purposefully

By Twistie

via Jeff Owen Artworks

Recently, I went to a garden show. No, I’m not changing the subject, be patient.

Anyway. Since I’m getting ready to completely redo my yard both front and back, I wanted to see the possibilities. I saw fabulous flowers, fragrant herbs (perfect for the raised beds already in place in the back!), and fruit trees that may one day fill my perfect pie crusts.

I also saw some amazing craft works, including pieces by the artist shown above, Jeff Owen.

The first thing to catch my eye isn’t featured right now on his website, alas! What pulled me in was a series of heart-shaped distressed metal sculptures, many with a single brightly colored object suspended inside. When I got closer, I realized they were made of nails, barbed wire, and screws. I fell in love.

As I looked closer, I found that most of his pieces were assemblages of found objects including nails, screws, gears, street signs, hinges, and dozens of other bits of construction detritus.

Take a peek around his gallery, and I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration. I know there are ideas I’ll be looking to incorporate into my work. And if I can ever scrape up the shekels, I’ll definitely buy one of those fabulous industrial hearts!

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