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Stormy Weather

By Twistie

This is the town I grew up in five days ago after a small tornado touched down.

The roof was ripped off a commercial building, and some power lines downed, but luckily there were no injuries to people. Just damage to property. But a tornado in California? Let alone two inside of a week (because one touched down just outside Sacramento a couple days later, again leaving only property damage behind, thank goodness)!

Then there was that water spout in San Francisco, mudslides in the Santa Cruz mountains, and right this minute there’s almost enough water to go canoeing in my back yard. Okay, I exaggerate on that last one… but not as much as I’d like to think. That slightly depressed area back there has actually turned into a tiny lake.

And so my friends, my heart and brain long for tales of warmth, sunshine, acts of happy creation. After all, this is a time of year when I typically start bringing my pillows out on my porch and weaving lace as the neighbors walk by with their children.

As it stands I’m starting to develop cabin fever, but at the same time I’m dreading heading out to feed the next-door neighbors’ cat because I’m going to become wildly bedraggled and cold walking the few feet to their front door.

So tell me about your spring and summer crafting memories. If they happen out of doors, so much the better. Alternately, tell me how you used crafts to get you through a stormy period in your life, whether physical or emotional.

One Response to “Stormy Weather”

  1. Miss B Says:

    This might be particularly odd but as a kid we had a very long gravel driveway and I used to love going out there and finding interestingly shaped rocks and decorating them. I remember my Mom setting up a small card table for me in the corner of the living room and I would sit there and paint my rocks with various watercolors and tempera paints. Many sunny days were spent finding the neat rocks in the driveway.

    I also remember pressing flowers and leaves in our big books to save little bits of spring and summer. It was always fun to be reading along and find one I had forgotten about!

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