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The Bombs Have Landed!

By Twistie

First, the bad news. I’m sorry about the lack of article yesterday, but WordPress kept kicking me out before I could get to the page. Don’t ask me why, just be happy it’s decided after consulting the goat entrails or smoke signals or whatever that it’s going to let me in today.

The reason that’s a double facepalm up there is because I headed merrily off to my yarnbombing mission yesterday… and entirely failed to check whether Mr. Twistie’s camera was in working order. Had I taken that simple precaution, you might have had the opportunity to laugh at my craptastic photography mad skillz. Alas, the dratted thing refused to work. I have passed out all my bookmarks, and I have zero evidence that I ever made them.

Now for the good news.

The bombing was successful. I left six bobbin lace bookmarks and twenty-one ribbon ones for a total of twenty-seven bookmarks. Before I even left the library, at least two had walked out the door with happy new owners.

So how about the rest of you? Who else played? How did it go? And remember, send any pics and amusing or touching or harrowing war stories to me by clicking on the ‘contact’ button and sending me an email for a chance to have me write up your adventures in yarnbombing for the masses.

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