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This Would Be for What, Now?

By Twistie

I think I’ll let the creator speak as to the many varied usages for this… this.

you can make bridal shower more fun with
Order a special treat for kids’ birthday parties or baby shower
for a memorable anniversary party favor
Make birth announcements even sweeter
new customer gift and/or client “Thank You’s
Reward your employees with inexpensive sweet treats for outstanding customer service, project success or other milestones.
Create personalized, affordable wedding favors

Imagine, if you will, hauling this out at a baby shower. Imagine the reaction if this was your wedding favor to your guests. Hmmm… maybe the seller meant that blurb to be about other items at the shop. After all, at $215.00, this isn’t what I would call an inexpensive sweet treat as a reward to employees, either.

Let’s just take another look, shall we?

Yeah, no, still not seeing it as a great idea to cement customer loyalty.

But maybe gloves just aren’t the thing you want to use to make your birth announcement even sweeter. Maybe you would prefer something more like this festive Recycled Bra Head Accessory to wear to the christening:

Look how beautifully it displays the underwire. And the little yellow bird desperately plotting its escape makes it Art.

Look, I’m as fond as the next girl of a good upcycle or a clever bit of repurposing. I just think it bears repeating – and often – that just because someone thought of it doesn’t make it a good idea.

One Response to “This Would Be for What, Now?”

  1. dinazad Says:

    Well, I have made a pincushion out of old shoulder pads, but this is just plain awful. Gives crafting and upcycling a bad name…..

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