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Who Says It Has To Be Wholesome?

By Twistie

The common  assumption when you tell people about your crafting is that you make things that are kewt and kwaint and kind of cheesy. But that is not necessarily the case. Nor is it necessarily all about artistic and classy. Just as with any other segment of the population, we crafters have our resident sickos who make life that much more… interesting.

And so it is with Croshame aka Shove Mink. She’s a San Francisco crocheter, zine author, and generally delightfully sick puppy. In her crafting, she concentrates on designing and creating surprisingly macabre amigurumi pieces which she calls ‘antigurumi.’ Thus the adorable monkey committing suicide at the top of this entry. I chose it in part because it sums up the attitude of her work so well, and in part because it was quite possibly the most family-friendly SFW image I found in her gallery.  But really, do be sure to see the Exorcist Playset. It’s devilishly good.

Look, just check out her stuff and read a few entries in her blog. You’ll be as hooked as I am in no time! Geddit? Hooked? On a crochet artist?

I’ll… just… be over here while you do that, m’kay?

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